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New The Lucanidae Beetles of the world


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Mushi-sha’s Iconographic Series
New The Lucanidae Beetles of the world
Author : Hiroshi Fujita, Supervisor : Tetsuo Mizunuma, Shinji Nagai & Katsuhiko Suzumura,
Publication Dec 2010. A4 format, hard cover, outer box
2 volumes per set; text vol. is 488pp. in Japanese, plate vol. is 248 color plate

・This book is the same series of the last one in 1994, but completely updated new book. 1414 species in 105 genera are illustrated in color which is double volume as previous one.
・Large to middle size species are illustrated in real size. Small species are illustrated in close up.
・376 holotypes (239 species & 137 subspecies) and many paratype are illustrated in color.

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