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Acoptolabrus gehinii aereicollis 3♂ 3♀ S Furanno Ikutora


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Latin Name : Acoptolabrus gehinii aereicollis   
Location : Japan Hokkaido South Furanno Ikutora
Sex : 24-30mm+ 4males + 2females 1unite

Most Color variations of abundant species  Acoptolabrus gehinii aereicollis。 
All speicments comes from outside of Acoptolabrus gehinii  of Illustrated by Dr.Imura (Mushi-shisha). These unite is not showing his  Illustrated
Photo taken undried speicment.
All speicmens are keeping In freezer.
We will ship after dried them when you have placed order. need 1week or little more.
you will see real simmler color speicment from sold items


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