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Grading Specimens

As Insect specimens are natural products, the quality can vary greatly.
The guide below explains the gradings used for specimens in our store.
Normaly we do not made Grading refarnce, this case is A1 speicment.

AA++: These are perfect specimens (or as perfect as you could expect from wild caught specimens), with exception of some leg damage. In the case of beetles, these should be perfect.

A-: These specimens have minor damage, such as antenna damage, or minor flight wear such as small scratches, minor sale damage, some minor fraying/chipping around the edges of the wings. In the case of beetles, the damage could be minor leg damage, small stains or scratches.not repairble.

A2: More significant damage, such as major flight wear, small rips, small pieces missing from the wings, damage to the thorax or abdomen, or staining. In the case of beetles, damage could be missing legs or significant staining/scratches.= Second grade.

All speicments with full collecting dater.

all measurements are Millimeter